Just a Look Scan

14-34 Weeks | Only €99

What Is Included In Your Just-A-Look Scan?

  • 2D Ultrasound With A 3D Peek

  • Hear Baby’s Heartbeat

  • High Quality Keepsake Photos :

    • 4 Black/White 2D And 3D Thermal Prints

  • 15 Minute Session

What to expect?

Many Parents-To-Be Often Want To Have The Benefit Of Another “Look” At Baby, Or Do Not Want To Know The Gender. The Just A Look Scan Is One That Is Popular With Parents Who Prefer To Look At Baby In The Traditional 2D Black And White Ultrasound Or Would Like A 3D Peek (Where Possible), Outside Of Routine Hospital Scans With/Without Finding Out The Gender. However, While We Do Not Measure Anything Or Comment In Anyway, Baby’s Heartbeat, Fluid Around Baby, And Baby’s Position Are Usually Visible When Doing The Scan. Please Also Note That We Do Not Give An Opinion About Gender Before 18 Weeks Of Pregnancy.

A Just A Look Scan Is A Bonding Scan, Similar To A Black And White Early Pregnancy Scan, Except That It Is Performed After 14 Weeks, When The Dating Part Of The Scan Is A Little Less Accurate. It Is A 2D Ultrasound With A 3D Peek (Where Possible), Which Takes Up About 15 Minutes.

You Will Receive 4 Black And White Pictures.

Please Note That This Is Not A Diagnostic Scan And Does Not Replace A Scan From Your Doctor/Hospital.


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