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Gender Scan?

18 - 34 Weeks 

What Is Included In Your Gender Scan?

  • 2D Ultrasound With A 3D Peek

  • Gender Determination By Experienced Medical Sonographer

  • Hear Baby’s Heartbeat

  •  Keepsake Photos: To your Phone​

  • 15 Minute Session

*If For Any Reason We Are Unsure (Baby’s Position, Etc.), We Will Be Happy To Make Another Appointment For A Short Scan At No Extra Charge.

What to expect?

No Medical Practitioner Will Guarantee 100% The Gender Of Baby Before Delivery However, We Are Happy To Give Up To 95% Opinion As To Gender Based On What We Can See On The Gender Scan And The Excellent Experience Of Our Sonographers. Should We Not Be Able To Give An Opinion On The Day (E.G. Gender Not Obvious Due To How Baby Is Lying Or Crossed Legs), We Will Be Happy To Make Another Gender Scan Appointment When Hopefully Baby Will Be In A More Favourable Position.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman
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