Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Baby's Grasp



Early Pregnancy Scan Dublin

8-14 Weeks €99.00

What Is Included In Your Early Pregnancy Scan?

  • 2D Ultrasound

  • Check Heartbeat

  • Check For Twins And Multiples

  • OB Report Includes: Measurements, Graph And Estimated Date Of Delivery

  • Keepsake Photos: To your phone​

  • 10-15 Minute Session

During The Scan, The Sonographer Will Check The Baby’s Heartbeat, Assess The Presence Of Single Or Multiple Pregnancies, And Assess Your Expected Due Date. The 2D Scan Is An External Transabdominal Scan. We Calculate Your Expected Due Date By Comparing The First Day Of Your Last Menstrual Period With Specific Measurements Of The Foetus By Measuring The Distance From The Top Of The Head (Crown) To The Bottom Of The Body (Rump). These Measurements Are Very Accurate And Can Determine The Gestational Age Even If You Are Unsure Of Your Last Menstrual Period. However, Both The Dates From Your Last Period And The Ultrasound Measurements Are Only A Guide. As Baby Ultimately Decides It’s Arrival Date!