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Baby Scan Galway

Have you found out that you are pregnant and want to book a baby scan in Galway? Welcome to Baby Scan, one of Ireland’s leading clinics offering a range of baby scans suitable from 8 weeks onwards. We have several clinics throughout Rathgar, Swords, Cork, Galway and Derry. Whether you have just found out that you are pregnant and want reassurance or if you want to find out the gender of your baby, we will have a range of scans to choose from and we can offer you a truly personal experience.


Here at Baby Scan we are passionate about offering all of our mums-to-be a truly personal experience when having a scan in one of our clinics. As Ireland’s longest established private clinics, we know what it takes to make you comfortable at all stages of the process. We will make sure that your baby is completely healthy and is growing at a good rate, so that you can rest assured knowing that your baby is okay. With our state of the art technology and equipment, you will be able to see a black and white image of your baby and our highly experienced sonographers will be able to show you how they are laying and any features they may have.


Our baby scan in Galways is fully comprehensive and prices vary depending on what scan you want and how long you would like to see your baby for. We offer early pregnancy scans, gender scans, 3D and 4D scans, fertility scans, and bonding scans. You will be provided with black and white prints of your scan and you may even be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat, have thermal prints, and video clips depending on the scan you opt for.


If you are finding it hard to get pregnant you will be happy to know that we also offer fertility scans which can help if you are unsure if you are ovulating, are not ovulating at all, have a history of miscarriages or need IVF treatment. By having a follicle scan, the chances of you conceiving are greatly increased.

To enquire with a member of our excellent team about having a baby scan in Galway, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 012897605. We will be more than happy to book you in for a time and date that suits you. Alternatively, send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

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